Diamond Quest CReW Photos from Västerås, Sweden, May 17, 1998


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sweden01t.jpg Diamond Quest Instructors Topi Astikainen and Pasi Pirttikoski

sweden02t.jpg Novices and DQ instructor Pasi Pirttikoski

sweden03t.jpg 10-way kite

sweden04t.jpg Row 3 wing gets locked up

sweden05t.jpg Post dive in the classroom

sweden06t.jpg Nordic CRW record, 12-way kite

sweden07t.jpg Setting up Pasi Pirttikoski to be pied for his 2,000 CRW jump

sweden08t.jpg Side-by-side

sweden09t.jpg Clowning around

sweden10t.jpg Unique perspective

sweden11t.jpg 10-way kite

sweden13t.jpg Novices and DQ instructor Ted Cheung

sweden15t.jpg The Finns

sweden12t.jpg CRW Photographer Anders Sandvik

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Last modified : Wednesday, July 01, 1998