Diamond QuestDQ Board of Directors



Rich Hall .................. President Rich Hall

Mr. Hall
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Frank Matrone ............... Vice President/Treasurer

Frank Matrone is a Family Practice physician and Airman Medical Examiner from Allentown, PA. Dr. Matrone began jumping in 1977 at the age of 17 and now has more than 3,000 skydives. Dr. Matrone and his wife Aleth jump at United Parachute Club when they're home. Dr. Matrone has been a CReW Dog since his first 3 stack in 1978 (it was also the first CRW for the other two on the load). He also is quite accomplished in RW. He once had the honor of being cut from a large dive by Tom Piras. Dr. Matrone flew the 6th row left wing on the Diamond Quest '94 record.
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Laura Ausel .......... Secretary

Ms. Ausel has around 500 jumps including 150 CRW jumps. Ms. Ausel is a member of USPA and holds a C-License. She served as an alternate on Diamond Quest's record attempt in Raeford, NC during Labor Day weekend, 1995. She currently jumps with the Georgia Base at Peachstate Skydiving Club in Covington, GA.

Ms. Ausel is a Senior Consultant with Keane, Inc. working in Atlanta. When not skydiving Ms. Ausel enjoys reading, travel, music, and learning more about computers.
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Peter Schaller ...................... Training Director Peter Schaller

Competitor, World Record participant, Senior Rigger, FAI Judge, Tandem & AFF Instructor are some of the parachuting world's titles that apply, but his favorite is simply member of Diamond Quest. Now serving on the Board, Mr. Schaller has over 3000 skydives and first participated in the '94 record and has since served as a trainer in camps across the Midwestern US. Mr. Schaller started jumping in 1986 at Aggies Over Texas, and was quickly drawn to the unique challenge and beauty of Canopy Formations. Residing near Dallas, he is a senior specialist with the secondary mortgage firm, Fannie Mae. Married to former Golden Knight Vicki Lee, his other loves include their Labrador Retrievers: Talon & Raven.
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