Diamond Quest Camp Journal

Skydive Dallas, TX Jan. 23th

by Ricardo Castillo

First trip of the year to Skydive Dallas was like all the others Steve Petto and I have been on.  Good weather in San Antonio and the closer we got to Skydive Dallas the lower the clouds.
Friday the 23rd it snowed on us at the DZ after dinner.

The morning was cold and the first CReW jump of the weekend was a hop and pop --- this must be a DQ weekend in Dallas.  Doug Birdell only made one jump with us CReW Dogs.

Our next jump was to get what we could --- Wow, here we go again.  What?! 13 grand?  We were divided into two groups.  Jim Walton was the pilot for our group and I was pin.  Could have used a 150 but only had my 175.

During the jumps we did on Saturday we were able to get CCSs for the novice CReW jumpers that Bryan trained in Skydive Kansas.  Shannon Spiess and BJ Brown got their CCSs.  Wendy only had one novice CReW jumper Bill Runyon who also got his CCS.

Lee did his thing again by just hanging a row 4 wing with no lock up or unsupported.  Wendy was our other wing and Peter was our pilot that landed all of his formations on the DZ.

Peter and Jeff were not able to jump with us on Sunday.  Mac and Jim did two ways to get their Base/Pin together.  Bryan was Base and I was pin for our group.  We had a whirly but got out of it ok.

On the other group Becky was able to land near her free bag.

Our third jump did not build.  We had to establish a new Base/Pin.  We will do it at our next camp.  On our third jump we only landed one mile from the DZ. On the first two jumps the only time we saw the DZ was on roll out and take off.  We revisited some of our '95 DZs.

It was our first Texas Turbulence get together of '99.  Vickie was there for flat line jumps and to eat dinner with the CReW Dogs.

Wendy and Bryan did a good job of instructing at their home DZs.

What did we relearn this weekend?

Where are they now?

See you all in Lake Wales

Texas Turbulence

Blue Skies and Big Diamonds