Diamond Quest Camp Journal

Skydive Dallas, TX October 25th

by Peter Schaller

While only 7 folks were there for this practice, it qualified as one of the better ones so far. With lousy weather caused by a stalled cold front, we ended the Friday seminar without real hope at making any jumps over the weekend.

Saturday morning broke to find solid clouds at 500'. As the clock wound past 0800, calls to all of the regional DZs found clear skies some 100 miles away. After a quick road trip, we got in 4 good jumps. Memorable events? Learning just how challenging the 7-way Wing formation really is. Watching pumpkins fall to the ground from 2000'. Landing over 4 miles from the DZ. Doing CRW from a Skyvan.

We're cancelling the December and January camps, but look forward to the upcoming November camp as our last Texas camp for the year. See y'all in Florida, eh?