Diamond Quest Camp Journal

PeachState Skydiving Dec. 2nd

by Jeff Cornelius

The weather in Atlanta over the first weekend of December, 1995 was spectacular for CReW and specifically for DQ GA Base Practice. In all, 22 individuals showed up and participated in a weekend filled with multiple-point 11 and 12 way sequential CReW dives. A total of 15 jumps were made over the two days.

On Saturday, the group was split into two with the "heavier" or "center line or lockup" types among us making up one group and the "lighter" or "wing or lockup" types making the other group. These groups jumped together with little change over the course of the weekend. After the first jump on Sat. made by the "light" group which was a 2-point 11-way {9-way diamond with 2 stingers, 4-way diamond with 3rd row wings and lockups then stingers on the lockups and a lockup on the stingers.} the King Air experienced some technical difficulties so the entire group moved to nearby Skydive Monroe from our home DZ of Peachstate Skydiving. Once settled at Skydive Monroe, the "center-line" group went up and we spent the day with successful dives at the hospitable Skydive Monroe.

Sunday, we moved back to Peach State with not just one King Air but two. The largest formation of the weekend came as the second point of a 12-way. The first point was a 9-way diamond with a jewel {12 total} and the second was a 12 way box, pretty cool to see fly. The last dive of the day was to be a 20 way single point dive but due to several problems, never built past 12. We'll save that for another base practice. The next plan for the GA Base is a camp on Marathon Key in the Florida Keys over the last weekend in February.