Diamond Jamboree


by Scott Fiore

For those who are interested to see the future of sequential CRW, this years Diamond Jamboree was a must. This year’s event was the first 8-way sequential competition ever, and jumpers and spectators were impressed with the results.

Three teams entered the 8-way sequential meet. Rules were adapted from 4-way sequential, with an exit altitude of 10,500 ft and 4 minutes of working time. Judging was primarily air-to-air (also a first) with a ground-to-air backup. Six rounds were drawn-up (one block, one random per round) with a high score of 3 points per round going to the Kapowsin team. The local team Kapowsin CReW took the gold, followed by Take My Slot with the silver and CReWTons with the bronze.

Canopy compatibility was not an issue with Mike Lewis providing numerous PD Lightning canopies for all interested. The weekend was topped-off with two large formations - a successful 19-way pull-out (16-way diamond with a 4-way diamond tail) and a 26-way attempt that built to around 18.

The event was a big success. The excellent facilities at Kapowsin made it convenient for all attending. Hopefully, 8-way sequential will catch-on and there will be even more participation next year.